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Jo Wilding

Jo Wilding is a human  rights barrister specialising in refugee law and unlawful detention. She is a research fellow at the University of Brighton, focussing on unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Her writing from Iraq has been published as a book, “Don’t Shoot the Clowns” and her reporting from Fallujah, included in the anthology “Tell Me No Lies”, was described by editor John Pilger as “the best and bravest eyewitness journalism”.  http://www.gardencourtchambers.co.uk/barrister/jo-wilding/  http://www.jowilding.com/archiveframeset.html

Julia Guest


Julia Guest – Director, producer, camera                                    


Julia Guest has been a visual storyteller for twenty years. Working as a photojournalist for International publications and having a number of solo and group photography exhibitions on the Bedouin in Palestine and Israel, the Kurdish Diaspora and ‘Champion Women’   Turning to film making in 2001 . Her experience has been predominantly working in conflict zones, having spent a year filming in Iraq 2003 – 2004, which included filming ‘A Letter to the Prime Minister’ and ‘Baghdad Stories’ .  She has experience working in Angola, Algeria, Yemen, Turkey, Burkina Faso, Morroco, the Western Sahara and Iran. Julia has consistently been drawn to women’s stories and most recently a feature length documentary on feminine spirituality, ‘In Her Image’.  More about her work and new films in development and production can be seen at www.yearzerofilms.co.uk

Richard Hering – Editor