Truth Shall Set us Free
There is a huge public hunger for incisive political documentaries. If only the media had the courage to show them, says John Pilger

“What we need are more “citizen” documentary-makers, like Jo Wilding and Julia Guest, who are prepared to look in the mirror of our “civilised” societies and film the long rivers of blood, and their ebbing truth”

John Pilger 15 September 2006


“Jo was the only one of us foreigners in Iraq who I was absolutely sure was doing something useful, she made thousands of children happy” Naomi Klein 

Scott Blackburn, Electronic Iraq, Aug 18, 2005

This may not be an easygoing “feel-good” film, but it does impress the idea that smiling and spreading smiles is essential to Wilding and her powerful work as an activist. Between being shot at by US snipers, and working in makeshift hospitals she still makes balloon giraffes to entertain frightened children.

No “Hotel Journalism”

This film isn’t another slick makeover of the fancy camera work of whole teams of mainstream “hotel journalists.” It is a film that presents the viewer with a unfettered look into the lives of Iraqis while capturing Jo Wilding’s witness of the rending of families, the misery of the wounded, and the triumphant boomchucka blasts of the children.

A Letter to the Prime Minister is a complete antithesis to a culture of death and war. It is a film that is filled with the vibrancy of youth and the desire to preserve it.

Scott Blackburn, Electronic Iraq, Aug 18, 2005


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